Why thrifting is better and how to start

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At some point in your life you probably shopped at a small sonsignment shop or a goodwill, probably because of the prices

some people are attracting to thrifting to flip stuff for profit, others for the lower prices on clothing, shoes and furniture

today, we’re looking at how thrifting is beneficial in multiple areas

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what is thrifting?

going to a store with discounted or second-hand items to buy products for less than what would be paid in a big box store

reasons to buy second hand

  • it’s cheaper
  • prevents waste in landfill
  • most secondhand shops will give back to the community
  • find high quality items for a lower price
  • opportunities to score rare items you’ve been looking for
  • good for the planet
  • less pollution
  • maximizes life of items

how thrifting is better for wallet and planet

when it comes to buying clothes, they can get expensive and if you have a limited budget this can help keep spending low.

by buying secondhand and donating items it keeps items out of the landfill

how thrifting is better than fast fashion

instead of spending money on cheaply made clothes hit up your local second-hand store for some name brand quality clothes for the same price or less

pre thrifting checklist

  1. check the site for daily deals or coupons
  2. check for the color or item that has an extra discount on it
  3. what could you use around the house
  4. sizes for the clothes or shoes you’re seeking
  5. figure out what days the product is brought in or what time to check out the most recent donations for an ultimate find
  6. check accessories like bags or wallets
  7. give yourself a budget to stay within
  8. bring your donations to keep the circle going
  9. give ample time to really search it takes time to find amazing stuff
  10. don’t be afraid to come back another time

While you may be familiar with goodwill you may not be familiar with all the hidden treasures and how it benefits more than your wallet

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  1. Thrifting is a new buzz word that has been going on for a few years now. People have been moving away from the mall and chain stores. The recession of 2008 brought on a new trend, the thrift store. I’ve been thrifting for a little over 2 years now and have never been disappointed with finding amazing items.
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