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Why self-care is important, and how to start practicing it

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I know you probably think im crazy, self-care?

Who has time for that?

How could one possibly take care of themselves while being busy 24/7 with kids

I get it, nail salons are expensive.

I’m not saying go to a salon every week or anything like that

What I am saying is to start small and remember you can’t pour from an empty cup

How to better practice self care, when you suck at it. #selfcare #careforyou
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It can be difficult to focus on you when you brought other humans in this world

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for doing what you should be doing

Taking care of you

Self-care = health

How is that possible that they are correlated?

Whether you realize it or not kids can cause some serious anxiety and stress

Lack of self-care affects physical health

Not relieving that stress causes numerous health issues with heart and general health after some time

I’m not a dietician by any means but living in constant stress makes for a lot of appetite and weight changes

Stress even affects your oral health as well as eating habits

Lack of self-care affects mental health

As a parent of three, with my own trauma and two of the children having trauma from before they were in my care, mental health is huge in my household

When I don’t care for myself, there are times I skip showers, don’t eat, oversleep and don’t hydrate at all

Anything that involves depriving myself worsens my depression and anxiety, along with irritability

The days you decide to not eat normally, or shower and let things slide over and over, you start to become irritable

All of this trinkles into being unmotivated and sliding further into depression and irritability

There are a few times a week this still happens

my life is overwhelming since my husband works long hours and the kids are home during quarantine making things harder

Lack of self-care affects emotional health

This goes back to mental health

lack of self care induces depression and irritability followed by guilt

the depression leads further into the not wanting to do things or leave bed

even being medicated there are weeks like this

Where to start

It can be difficult to know where to start

it seems like most advice encourages going out or going to a salon

while this can be helpful not everyone is in a position to do these things

Take a minute for yourself and indulge

It is okay to lock the door while you use the bathroom or shower

typically 10-20 minutes will not cause your children harm

sneak away and eat the chocolate you’ve been hiding

put on a little makeup, I know it makes me feel better

bonus points if you can get away for a bath

Start a routine

figure out a routine that includes something you do for yourself for a few minutes

something like washing your face when you get out of bed

maybe brewing coffee and making breakfast for you and your kid(s) even if its just eggs and toast

finish your day with a face mask or painting your toe nails

Keep track

have a little journal to log what you accomplished for you that day

or even try to schedule out your days with what you would like to do

this journal can be a memo pad

it’s for you, not appointments not a planner

just a mini book dedicated to you

How to fit it into the mom life

It can be daunting to try to squeeze another thing into the schedule

it is possible, to make a few minutes a day to you

Start small

start with washing your face in the morning

taking a shower alone

sneaking in that chocolate

a glass of wine you enjoy

a few chapters of a book

Include the kiddos

It can be hard to fit anything in the schedule especially if you are alone most of the time, like me

paint your toes and your little ones

have them put cucumbers on their eyes while you wear a face mask

Self-care and mom life do mix (and is necessary)

I know it can seem like a crazy thing to dedicate time to you

mom life seems to have a stereotype of constant dedication to your kids but, it’s not true

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