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100 top products to get your home organized

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100 products to organize home

Organizing your home is a challenge, especially when you have kids and animals.

While i’m no expert and organizing, I have found multiple ways to get the house where it should be

It always seems to be a constant battle to make your living room and kitchen at least look decent, along with the bathroom

Everyone that’s a parent knows what it’s like to struggle with getting everything organized without it looking tacky, we all still feel obligated to make our space look exceptional

The psychology of this seems to make us all believe we still need to strive for perfection for sanity and for feeling like you are successful and confident

So, how does one accomplish this without going bankrupt?

Let’s look at 100 affordable products to organize your life

This post contains affiliate links, if you choose to purchase an item using the following links, I may receive a small portion of the sale at no cost to you. Thank you!

If you are interested in viewing the product just click the image of the item you like and it will take you to the direct link of the product.

Thank you so much and enjoy!

Organizing the kitchen


1. Over the door organizer

this handy item holds things like cutting boards or baking pans 

Nothing is worse than fumbling and dropping pans trying to get to the one you need.


2. tupperware lid organizer

the well known struggle across many households, organizing that tupperware

…..well the lids anyway

this solves that problem

3. handy broom/mop holder

hands down one of my favorite items for keeping my kitchen organized

this eliminates the need for the messy broom, mop and duster corner

4. kitchen sink caddy

keeping all your sponges and brushes within reach without it looking tacky has never been easier

no more reaching under the sink and going back and forth to get what you need

5. spice rack

probably not the typical spice rack you’re used to seeing

this one is perfect for in the cabinet when you have overflow and backstock of spices

6. drawer organizer

while this may not be perfect for forks, spoons, etc it works well for other kitchen items 

this is best for measuring spoons, smaller kitchen tools and thermometers

7. corner organizer

for the small corners of the kitchen where you need to store but are trying to prevent the area from being overly cluttered


8. under sink organization

for the oddball items that need a place to set

perfect for the sponges, rinse aid, and other cleaners

9. grocery bag sock

for all the grocery bags you get from your store runs

finally, a place to keep them and looks great

10. storing aluminum foil and saran wraps

keep your saran wrap and foil all together and organized 


Organizing the bathroom

1. smart bathroom storage

perfect for the bathroom that doesn’t have very many places to store stuff and not much space to put shelving systems

2. makeup organizer

Whether you have alot of makeup or minimal amounts this container is perfect for keeping your cosmetics and skin care in

3. unique toothbrush and toothpaste holder

keep your toothbrush and paste in their spot without the tacky cup they usually sit in

4. brush and styling tool holder

eliminate the corded mess under the sink by getting this nifty item that keeps them in one spot

5. toilet paper holder and storage

probably one of my favorites, this handy accessory holds current use toilet paper and a few extras 

6. floating shelves

another space saving method to keep the counters decluttered and keep everything organized

7. corner caddy for shower

drill free and space friendly, keeps all your shower items in one place other than the floor or the edge

8. classy over toilet storage

instead of the typical metal frame this classy choice stores items out of sight and a spot for the stuff you want in sight

organizing the closet(s)

1.special hangers for pants or scarves

get the most out of your closet with these hangers


2. keep your undergarments completely organized

this nifty thing keeps your bras, underwear and socks all neat n tidy


3. space savers for hanging clothes

a unique hanger that holds multiple hangers and folds down to create more space without wrinkling up your shirts


4. scarf hanger

keep all the scarves or ties organized and easy to find without taking up a bunch of space

5. unique jewelry storage

if you don’t have the space or money for a jewelry box this is an affordable alternative

6. shoe storage

keep all your shoes organized and accessible with this shelf rather that putting them all in a corner on each other

7. total closet makeover

completely do over your closet to make the most of the space you have to work with

8. the perfect purse organizer

rather than a bag in bag or a shelf stuffed with bags, this hanger keeps them all accessible and less of a clutter

9. weekly organizer

perfect for kids and getting designated outfits for the week

10. stackable storage

keep the less used clothing in a place where they are easy to get to but out of the way

Living room organizing

1. Corner shelf

keep your small knick knacks and plants in their own spot in style

2. unique corner shelf

a unique alternative to typical wall or corner shelves 

3. mail and key holder

keep all the keys in one place and mail that needs attention or mailed out


4. shoe and bench combination

perfect for by the door when you take your shoes off and a place to put your shoes

5. two in one lamp

eliminate the struggle to plug devices in while having the lamp on


6. caddy for remotes/accessories

keep all the remotes and tablets in one place so they don’t get lost

7. ottoman perfect for storage and comfort

the perfect way to store those living room blankets and double as a bench or foot rest 


8. floating wall shelves 

store books and other displayed art without taking up floor space

9. unique storage cube shelf

from decorations to cube storage bins to keep everything in order and off the floor 


10. end table with storage

this contemporary peice makes the perfect addition to the living room while being functional

organizing the refrigerator

1. stackable storage

keep your produce and smaller items organized without taking up drawer space

2. soda can holder

toss the cardboard box and keep your cans in view and easy to get to

3. roll out under shelf drawer

make additional storage in your fridge with these drawers


4. washable fridge mats

forget pulling the shelves out to clean off the residue from the milk or other items in the fridge 

5. slide out sandwhich bag organizer

keep all the bagged sandwhiches and other items in baggies off the shelf and out of the way


6. fridge storage containers with handles

save space and make items easy to get to in your fridge or cabinet

7. avacado saver

keep your avacados fresher longer with this container


8. wine storage

keep your wine in it’s corner without hogging fridge space

9. egg storage for lots of eggs

if your house is like mine and you go through eggs like crazy this container keeps 60 eggs

10. lazy susan for fridge

this turntable is perfect for the bottled condiments that don’t fit in the fridge door


Laundry room organizing

1. cleaning supplies storage

 my favorite organizer for the laundry room

keep your brooms, dusters and mops all in one place out of the way

2. rollaway supply cart

keep your chemicals out of sight and organized in a cubby, but still easy to access and put away

3. laundry sorting cart

keep laundry separated and off the floor with this handy cart

4. tidy laundry liquid gadget

prevent those pesky laundry soap messes from the extra liquid dripping after use


5. over door iron and ironing board hook

keep your iron and board out of sight and out of the way with this hook

6. sneaker wash bag

a unique way to wash and dry your sneakers without tearing up your shoes or appliances

7. hanging lint bin 

perfect for the tiny laundry room so you can toss your lint and save space by avoiding a trash can for the laundry room

8. grocery bag storage

typically, grocery bags are stored in the laundry room in my house. this container keeps the bags under control and out of the way

9. collapsible laundry basket

this innovative peice makes figuring out a way to neatly store laundry baskets a thing of the past

10. color sort basket

simplify the process of separating laundry and everyone in the house being on board with dividing different shades of laundry 

Remote learning/ office area

1. desktop organizer

keep all desktop supplies in one space while keeping them organized


2. drawer organizer

for the extra pencils, staples and supplies that you don’t want to keep out in view

3. another desktop organizer

multiple styles of paper and supply storage

4. shelf/cubby for desktop

keep books and smaller objects organized and out of the way

5. paper and supply storage

for all the bills, school paperwork and, other important documents in sight and orderly

6. rotating writing insrument organizer

keep all the markers, highlighters, pencils and, pens in an orderly fashion

7. calendar for the week

with the increase in remote at home learning, having a clear plan and a calendar is a must

8. daily calendar and pen holder

multipurpose object that helps with recognizing date and holds writing supplies

9. a colorful caddy

a bright way to keep supplies organized 

10. desktop board

perfect for practicing writing or writing a message

Toy organization and storage

1. open concept storage

a fun easy way to keep toys where they belong

2. a really fast clean and store

end the battle of trying to find and pick up tiny toys like legos

3. simple book storage

forget the big bookcase, this organizer keeps the books in one easy to reach space for putting away and grabbing

4. stuffed animal corner hammock

perfect for the kids who have insane amounts of 


5. hanging organizer

keep clothes, diapers or stuffed animals in this hanging organizer

6. toy box/bench

this nifty box also doubles as a bench for their rooms

7. corner cubby shelf

for books, storage cubes or little decor 

8. simple storage

stylish yet, simple for toys or laundry

9. bath toy storage

keep all the bath toys out of the way and avoid mold growth by allowing them to naturally 

10. drawer/shelf storage

perfect for clothes or toys, or both!

organizing the garage

1. Storage shelves

simple, effective way to store shoes, outdoor toys and anything else

2. garage hooks

from rakes, to shovels, to umbrellas keep them off the floor and out of the way

3. strap for cords and hoses

forget the coiled mess of cords and hoses, wrap them and hang them

4. Heavy Duty wall rack

for folding chairs and other items that need out of the way

5. Storage for sport items

Perfect for the family that enjoys sports and has alot of equipment

6. Extra large rack for rakes, etc.

more storage for rakes, brooms, brushes and more

7. hanging cord straps

great for the household with alot of extension cords or light strips

8. bike rack

stores up to five bikes on the wall

9. rolling storage

this works best for mini projects when you need to roll tools around with you

10. magnetic tool bar

great for quick storage for frequently used tools

Bill and Mail storage

1. mail organizer for bills and other stuff

extra storage for postage and envelopes

2. Hanging mail and key shelf

perfect for hanging close to the door so you don’t forget stuff that needs mailed out


3. Rustic styled hanging wall shelf

another take on the wall hanging mail/key sorter

4. Mail/ key sorter plus message board

For easy reminders as you leave the house

5. budget and bill tracker

keep your budget and bills at a glance

6.Bill envelope system

Ideal for setting money aside for bills

7. hanging file/mail/key organizer

an alternative to the desktop file organizers

8. single tier mail holder

a simple solution for mail and keys

9. hanging file holder

this hanger works best for larger files and mail

10. simple counter top organizer

an all in one organizer for your mail area

Wrap up

I’m impressed if you made it all the way to the bottom, 100 is truly alot. 

I hope you found this helpful and resourceful. 

Feel free to share on your favorite social channel.

Talk soon 🙂


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