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Why Toddlers need constant attention

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Toddlers, and their constant need for attention

Probably one of the most discussed or announced topics; the constant desire for attention from your toddler. Some days it’s like seriously???

In all honesty, it’s one of the most impressionable stages. Also, it’s one of the “copy cat” stages they go through. I am finding providing that attention helps with their learning, which may be obvious.

However, I am talking about everything from focused potty training to A,B,C’s. With me being self employed, she goes almost everywhere I do, most of the time it means in the car. The truth of the matter is my 2 going on 3 year old isn’t fully potty trained yet, and it fills me with guilt.

A lot of the moms I see on my feed are raving about their little ones accomplishments. I am truly happy for them but, shortly after I feel that my mom-duty hasn’t been fulfilled because it’s been difficult to focus that much time on my toddler. Also, having two older children on top of it all  makes for a very full platter.

Another thing I’ve noticed is having her use her leapfrog epic, it seems like she learned more from it than me. It’s a terrible feeling to me… I want to be the perfect mom that has it all together, being a wife, step mother and mommy.

I guess we all do though, being perfect just isn’t how it works nor how its going to happen. 

Back to the toddler subject, I feel like it begins to affect their rate of learning basics after a certain amount of time. It’s a hard pill to swallow, honesty is my number one policy. One thing I’ve learned in life is The pain of the truth hurts less and heals faster than pain from being lied to and finding out later

Full platter or not, toddlers need almost constant attention for the following reasons:

  • speed of learning basic care
  • learning alphabet or numbers
  • any other basic skill they may need that is typically learned early on
  • behavior  and mood
  • they want to copy everything they see others do

I’m not saying that I am perfect, however parenting is a learning journey and sharing is caring.

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