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Must-haves and best tips for new parents

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Being a new parent is exciting and nerve-wracking.

you don’t know what to expect, the truth is no matter how many times you give birth it’s hard to know what to expect.

Every situation is different, however, I will provide you with what I learned from raising two stepchildren and a baby.

Pack a mom bag/dad bag

Diaper bags are handy but can get in the way, especially if you have more than one child.

A backpack like the one on the right provides plenty of storage and it’s easier to carry necessities on the back rather than the side.

It’s best to always have a mom bag at least in the car, in case of any potty accidents or messes while out and about.

Items to have in the bag

parent bag
  • wipes
  • change of clothes for the little one
  • underwear and pads in a mini bag(trust me)
  • bottle of water
  • extra burp rags

Pre-Baby Essentials

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Bibs, lots of bibs
Gerber onesies
Burp rags
the everything kit

baby detergent
bottle/accessory drying rack

Here are in my opinion, the most important things to get your baby before they arrive.

Obviously, cribs, car seats and other major things you will want to get at well.

A stroller would also be an excellent investment, most come with strollers as a combo.

Every baby is different

Just remember there are no books that will describe everything baby does.

From nighttime noises to cry pitches, you will probably google what they do.

For a while, because of my daughter’s size at birth, she was long but, very skinny.

For the first month or so she wore preemie clothes and diapers.

Never try to compare another person’s baby to yours is the best thing I can say even though it’s easier said than done.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

One of the biggest mistakes I made after giving birth was not asking for help when I needed it most.

especially after giving birth by cesarean.

Be prepared for your schedule to turn upside down

Whatever schedule you had before will be turned upside down, the baby’s needs will vary and you will be going to a lot of appointments the first few weeks.

Most babies don’t sleep through the night for the first while, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Take a moment for yourself

Self-care is super important, especially when you are investing most of your energy into your little one.

Take a moment and collect your thoughts, that way you don’t become overwhelmed.

It is not selfish to want time away from your little one(s), when you feel overwhelmed it is completely normal and acceptable to want and need a break from them.

Typically our children can sense our tenseness and don’t respond well to it, so it’s important to make sure you take a few moments here and there to catch your breath

Let me know what you think of the tips in this post and what you have done in the past to make things easier.

Talk soon 🙂

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