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Amazing Time management tips for Moms

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Being a stay at home mom is tough whether its long term or temporary

So how do you manage your time better to make your days more efficient

There are days that are easy and other days motivation seem out of reach

Today i’m going to share with you my best tips for managing your days as efficiently as possible

There are many ways to keep track of your day and time block things that need to be done

  • Hour blocking planner
  • Whiteboard
  • To-do list magnet pad
  • Post its and a large calendar
  • To-do list app by Microsoft

Identify what important tasks and activities need to be done

  • Dishes 
  • Laundry 
  • Sweeping 
  • Mopping 
  • Vacuum 
  • Lesson plans 

It’s easy to lose track of time

Its easy to get caught up on social media or amazon and 2 or more hours disappears 

Try to manage your days in blocks of time 

  • 1 hour for kitchen duties
  • 30 mins of social media 
  • 2 hours for laundry
  • 30 minutes to vacuum

A comprehensive planner is vital

 Weekly planners with extra space for planning out your days is crucial for time management

Use a planner for tracking appointments, to do lists, bills and time blocking

Creating a schedule will make for better time management


  • 9a coffee
  • 10a wash dishes
  • 11a start laundry
  • 12p lunch
  • 1p put laundry in dryer
  • 2p vacuum
  • 3p fold and put away laundry
  • 4p prep for dinner
  • 5p cook dinner
  • 6-7p dinner
  • 8p clean up dishes and wipe down table and counters
  • 9p get kids ready for bed
  • 10p mom time

Establish your work station or command center

Having a place for your planner and anything to do with productivity or organizing 

At least once a week sit in your command center and brain dump things that need to be done and your goals for the week

With being a stay at home mom it’s a double-edged sword of you running your own day 

It’s easy to procrastinate and get caught up in social media or one project and lose most of your day

Creating a structured day by utilizing to do lists and planners to keep track of things that need done will help create a efficient schedule

Plan your week day by day once a week so you know what needs to be done each day. 

It’s easiest to plan week by week rather than by month

Also, delegating tasks to other family members or your spouse can take some of the load off of you.

All in all it can be daunting at first to plan out your days and set commitments for time for each day. 

Taking breaks in between tasks is helpful to prevent burnout or overload

Being a stay at home is more demanding than most people realize.

It’s the equivalent of working two and a half jobs, or just as stressful as working full time and coming home and working.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Time management tips for Moms”

    1. Time management always seems to be the biggest struggle with any situation. It’s something I struggle with time to time too

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