Sorry not sorry, PTSD and mental health struggles create a new breed of parenting

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Growing up life was never easy, i was surrounded by death, change, parents that had me too young with other internal issues provided me with a lot of insight of how blood can mean nothing and everything can change at any time.

Life didn’t start easy nor did it get easier, you just learn to make things work and do the best you can

This isn’t for the weak, my background til now is absolutely brutal

Welcome, if you make it this far

today i will enlighten you of how parenting with a tonnage of mental health and physical health problems create for the ultimate struggle

in short i currently struggle with a bleeding disorder known as von willebrands, a lifelong clotting disorder that comes and goes as it pleases with severity, recently discovered fibromyalgia causing unexplained pain, sciatica, ptsd, anxiety/depression, adhd, and probably some other issues i forget what they are.

i had a miracle child in 2015, I was told because of my bleeding disorder pregnancy and childbirth were impossible

Every day is a battle, some easy, others challenging my very being

With all at hand AND two bonus kiddos welcomed into our home in 2016 with struggles of their own, it was going to be an interesting ride

currently, we are at about six years in, both kiddos still struggle with their own PTSD, ADHD, and tourettes life is never short of interesting around here.

Everyday brings a new struggle and/or a new lesson, from speech therapy to counseling our home is busied with never ending appointments for improving the life quality of us and our kids while we continue to work and do the best we can in a modern world filled with unknowns.

Some days we find ourselves irritated by something as small as a sock on the floor, other days we let the dishes pile up because mental health is more important than a perfect home.

10 year age gap with your partner introduces another new challenge

With 10 years between me and my husband it already creates an interesting dynamic from having different view points and upbringing.

Introduce his 9 years in combat time in the army and my time brought up in a complicated home life with a very young mother still trying to figure herself out at 15 when I was born; these also create an interesting challenge.

While being raised in an old fashioned German household had it’s advantages of understanding old school concepts, me and my husband had far different high school experiences.

Generally, we can agree upon most things without hesitation; other times can prove different when it comes to parenting styles, work approaches and general decisions in the household, such as finances.

I want to know, what’s your story?

With life being eventful and never dull, there’s a lot of wisdom accompanied by pain.

With all I’ve learned, it’s amazing how much blood can betray you; yet complete strangers can be warmer than you ever thought possible.

I want to know, who else out there can relate or what is your story. My goal in life is to inspire all I can and spread compassion and love to all.

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