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Starting out blogging and want to grow your reaches?

Just a parent with a unique story to tell and some tips on making sense of the chaotic parent life?

Share your unique story with me and be featured on the site and shared on all social platforms a day at Mom’s is on.

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Just some basics

While everyone’s stories are different, there’s a few things I’d like to ask in order for your story to be shared here.

  • at least 600 words
  • a clean profile picture of you to go with your name
  • primary topics here are organizing, home decor and, mental health; which leaves a broad range of topics within those alone, I appreciate one of those topics being your choice
  • no affiliate links, please
  • please do not advertise any products or services you offer, if you would like to collaborate and promote your product or service please reach out to me,
  • If you wish to share your social media handles to go with your featured bio make sure you end your handles as well

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