How to create a more productive routine as a stay at home mom

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Being a working mom is two and a half jobsworth, you have your 9-5 job, you have your parenting job and, you have the job of keeping up with the little ones.

It can be ovewhelming and a struggle to keep up whether you work a 9-5 or are a stay at home mom.

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There’s always something that needs done, and there always seems to be more to do than hours in a day.

So how can we change our routine so we can get more done?

Create a routine

A routine can apply to different aspects of your life or day.

From figuring out dinner to getting ready in the morning, there is a routine there.

Get a planner

Personally, I prefer to use a planner that provides a space to write in for each day.

Sometimes the best option is to use a hourly planner that shows hour by hour your day.

Lists- whiteboards, post-its, and to-do lists

My husband cringes at my binders and lists, but everyone enjoys the whiteboards.

I like to keep about three of them, two for the fridge, one for the wall.

Post-its can be handy in a sinch, same for to-do lists.

phone apps

Microsoft- to do

trello- organizes thoughts and tasks in a board, along with being able to add collaberators

Time tune- creates your to-dos in schedule form

Why routines are important

Routine makes getting things done easier and more realistic.

Mentally and physically a routine assits your body’s internal clock with waking and resting around the same times.

Less mess equals less stress


When everything is a wreck, it’s hard to focus on anything else going on

All you see is the mess

It becomes overwhelming

Home is a second job

It is a daunting to keep up with home and work

Let’s face it home life can be tough. especially when you have kiddos

Perfection is not required

It always seems some moms have it all figured out with their perfect lives

no ones life is perfect

Some days it’s abour just doing the best you can

and thats okay

What my routine looks like

  • Starting laundry the night before im off work
  • unload the dishwasher before dinner
  • reload the dishwasher after dinner
  • take out trash after dinner ( I have two dogs that will get into it)
  • elect help to get the main house area clean before bed
  • wipe table after dinner

Start simple

Getting a routine and keeping it is a little bit of a process

start simple and work towards more

start with one thing per day you want to do routinely

Pick a few focuses every day

The goal is to eventually grow into your ideal routine

It’s best to not overwhelm yourself from the get go

Slowly over time increase the tasks you want to accomplish per day

Routine, messes and real-life structure

routine is optimal and it’s best to acheive it most of the time, it’s okay

messes happen, it’s just important to not let them overrun you

also, electing help is a big part of staying sane

nothing is worse than feeling like you are the only one doing things

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