How to handle triggers in you and your children

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PTSD is a touchy subject for some.

It doesn’t make it any less real.

Many have PTSD and don’t even know it.

PTSD is defined as post-traumatic stress disorder and is more often correlated with veterans.

However, it’s not just our veterans that battle this invisible demon

Let’s explore a little further into triggers

What do I mean by triggers

Anything that causes flashbacks, panic attacks or mental shutdown.

It can be from a sight sound or feeling

What do triggers usually look like?

In adults it can look like they have seen a ghost, they go completely blank.

It’s like they are not even there at the moment.

In children, it can appear in the form of a mental breakdown, a fight or flight reaction or even a blank look as well.

There’s no way of knowing what will trigger anyone, regardless of what you know about them.

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Best practices for handling triggers

  • work through coping mechanisms such as breathing and 5 sense activities
  • find out what comforts them most
  • try to bring them into a quiet environment
  • keep a calm, even tone
  • Be understanding

Some occasions are unavoidable, where it has to work through before trying to get through to them.

While most of these statements refer to “them” these can help you as well.

When triggers set in for me, they can be random.

Anything from noise, to a dream, can set one-off.

The five senses technique

What is the five sense technique?

Its where you focus on the five senses until anxiety is lowered

Things such as recognizing sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.

This is known as a grounding technique that can take someone from a place where they are stuck in the past and become present.

While triggers can be unpredictable, the person with them or you are important.

At least being able to ground yourself or your children in those moments will make a huge difference.

PTSD is difficult no doubt, and there is no perfect anything but, it’s still your life.

This road does not need to be traveled alone.

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