A quick guide on getting your home clean in a flash

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Another week passes by and the house is still dirty.

Your sanity is being tugged at with the sight of a mess in every room.

It’s hard to know where to start.

Here’s a step by step way to clean your house

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Grab some trash bags

The first place to start with any mess is getting all the garbage out

Start with these:

  • junk mail
  • old bills
  • coloring pages
  • scrap paper
  • boxes
  • plastic bags

Go room by room and get all the trash picked up and taken out

Get the laundry to the laundry room

One of the most dreaded parts of cleaning I know, the laundry

This will eliminate a good amount of the clutter

Have some baskets laid out to be able to sort out laundry

set a timer to keep track of when to switch it over

fold and put away right when it’s dry ( i know, its a pain)

Get all the toys to their homes

In my house, if it’s not trash or laundry, its toys that are everywhere

toys pretty much rule my house when it’s not the kids toys, its the dog toys

Break out the vacuum

The toys, laundry, and trash should be pretty much what is on the floor

It’s time to clean that floor

Sweep and mop hard surfaces

Time to sweep up all that dirt and mop the floors to get it clean

Start washing and switching over laundry while cleaning

Laundry isn’t too bad if its taken care of right away and between tasks

Take care of the dishes

Wash or unload and reload the dishwasher to power through the dishes

Clean the counters

Throw away the trash and put as much as possible away

Then clean the counter with your favorite solution

Clean the bathrooms

Typically I make the kids clean their bathroom, but occasionally I will go over it.

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