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How COVID has affected my family

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COVID decided to rear it’s ugly head into the world and destroy many things

During the first part of the year when it originally started affecting restaurants, I was working as a server in a family restaurant

The restaurant closed for a while, and they encouraged us to file for unemployment, the government added extra money to the unemployment and provided us with a good break on finances

We were excited for the extra money and seen an opportunity to buy a home, so between taxes and the extra money we prepped and got new cookware and other things in celebration

We put down a whopping 7k, in money orders.

It was a great start to the year, between getting a settlement for a car accident, decent tax return, the stimulus and unemployment we felt unstoppable

Finally being caught up on payments, new stuff, new house

By time June rolled around life was starting to crumble, I had to quit my job shortly after reopening, due to an assualt by a coworker in march and the pressure covid caused on management put unnecessary stress on other employees

Shortly after, we were hit with a massive leak we were never informed about under the house that costed us 350 through a private contractor, and he cut us a deal since we just bought the house

Then, my husbands rear axle went out twice on the truck, beforehand the transmission failed, with being tapped from a down payment and unexpected repairs on our new home we were in the dust

Currently, we are dealing with no money, both our vehicles down, with my brakes seizing we have been getting blindsided, to add to it all, our A/C ducts are failing, so now we have a 84 degree house to add to being tapped, nearly missing our first mortgage and two vehicles just about broke down.

Moral of the story, never skip on the inspection or warranty for your house and never assume things will just work out

Being tested from all angles

Not only has the virus caused issues with finances, but work aspects as well

I want you to know, you are not the only one struggling, our patience has been tested in every way, we have three children and they usually can’t go a day without an argument

Murphy’s law has indefinately put our family through the ringer.

What we are doing to move forward

With all the trials and issues life has put us through, we are choosing to continue to figure out how to get through it

My goal moving forward is to get past the depression this has caused this year alone

Every day has been a fight, sun up to sun down, patience being tested every single brutal step of the way

There is no glorious happy ending, it has to be worked for

You are not alone

Feel free to reach out to me anytime, whether it’s on social or by email:


We must make it through this together, and lift each other up as moms

I would love to share your story on my blog with other moms out there.



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