The ultimate guide to getting organized

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Organized Now

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Being organized is the key to keeping your house tidy along with your sanity.

Growing up my dad always had a specific way to do everything that had to do with money or something important.

Tax season would roll around and since he is a truck driver, his taxes are done differently than someone with a w-2.

Me and my sister would sit on the floor of the office organizing all receipts in order of month and date as well as category.

The organizing didn’t end there, he also had a one subject notebook to go over bills each payday to keep track of what was due and what amount needed to go to whomever was owed.

In the house the house communicated and ran on a large whiteboard to display what was needed for the house or a message for one of the house members since schedules were opposite of each other.

With those methods being shown to me and my mother with her planners, I became very accustomed to lists and everything being organized.

What is organizing? 

Organizing applies to many areas in life, the more organized you are the easier your days tend to be without forgetting things.

Most believe that organizing is hard or too tedious.

When taken in bits and and done correctly, it is not overwhelming to get organized.

How to get started with getting organized

 Figure out what you want to get better organized; anything from kitchen, bills, refrigerator, files, closets, towels, kids’ clothes or toys and even the apps on your phone.

Create a list of what you would like to get better organized, take things step-by-step especially if you arent a ritualistic organizer.

Use either post its or a whiteboard to plan out what needs to be tackled next, try not to overload yourself with everything all at once.

Tips for Success in getting organized 

  • list what you want to organize
  • figure out what needs to be decluttered rather than just organizing
  • list from easiest to most challenging
  • find the supplies to aid in easier organizing and maintain tidiness
  • be patient with yourself and take it bit by bit
  • Search Pinterest for inspiration on what has worked for others
  • figure out what can be thrown away rather than moved around

Common Questions/FAQ About organizing 

Where to start organizing in your home

For me, it’s been best to start with the simple stuff and progress to more challenging to prevent overwhelm. The easiest place to organize is probably the kitchen counter or the living room.

Best way to organize

There really isn’t a one size fits all method in my opinion, it differs based on technique and severity. The most common method is probably size based or based on category. For example, category organizing can look like grouping objects together like utensils or blankets. Sized based organizing can look like grouping objects that are similar in size.

Tips to maintain a tidy home

Eliminate all scraps or uneeded paper.

Create a routine to aid in keeping the house clean, such as a nightly chore list

Make sure there is a home for everything, shoes in a certain spot, toys in a certain spot

Ensure there is enough storage for everything to have a home

How to organize my home quickly

designate areas for common items that are left out such as shoes, coats, bills, pens, pencils, cleaning brushes

focus on one area at a time, narrow down what is causing disorganization in your home

anything not useful thats been collecting dust besides decor needs to go

again, storage space. most of the time disorganization stems from not having a place to put it.

Organizing on a tight budget

I get it, not everyone can afford a fancy ikea set up, same here.

the dollar tree has been my best friend for organizing, from baskets for smaller items and toys, to over door racks for hats, bags, scarves, you name it.

Check out your local thrift store for some wall shelves and other storage units for books or other things that could use a shelf.

Get creative and check out pinterest on some amazing hacks for organizing, from cleaning supplies to folding methods for towels to increase space.

Organizing homeschool supplies

Ever since the appearance of COVID, homeschool has become an involuntary part of our lives, and figuring out how to create a school environment

For our family, the older teens can set up on their desks in their bedrooms, however it’s slightly different for our kindergartener. Her supplies rest on our desk next to our printer station. Folders are used for papers and other work on physical sheets, the chromebook is kept on the desk next to the printer. The rest of the supplies are kept together in an organized fashion to make them easy to find as well as easy to get to.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Organizing

While there are many facets of organizing from school to spices, and even smart devices being organized is necessary for ease of use and lowered stress when trying to locate something

Everyone’s situation will be different and so will methods to get organized, the best way to approach is identify what needs organized or decluttered, create a plan of action and, ensure you have the necessary supplies.

Don’t forget pinterest is a fantastic place for inspiration when you can’t think of how to organize that cabinet or those blankets.

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Cassie Cornett

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