for the mom, that feels powerless

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Something doesn’t get done, whoop de doo

the dishes pile up for a day or two because your dishwasher broke, oh well.

You are a mom, a great one.

Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

you are a teacher

you are a doctor

you are a counselor

you are a dishwasher

you are a cook

you are a server

you are a maid that does laundry and cleans

you are a vet when you have animals

you are tech support to fix a device or get it working

you’re a plumber when the toilet backs up and you have to fix it

you are a student that never stops learning

you are a tailor that stitches things up

you’re an artist by the way you design your home

you are a photographer capturing the moment before its gone

you’re a carpenter piecing together that furniture or desk

you’re a personal shopper for your family

you’re a lover to your significant other

your job never ends.

Never let someone tell you that you are a failure because you can’t keep up with everything

You are so much more than anyone gives you credit for.

You deserve that extra devotion from the kids that your husband envies you for, you’re always there.

by choice or not you can’t walk away, you made a commitment as a mother, stepmother.

As you sit in anger and frustration because your partner doesn’t see the hell you go through

especially when you’re out of work and unemployment stays pending for three weeks,

remember you are a bad bitch, you are a survivor.

you are worth more than money can buy

your standards are allowed to be there

especially when you were raped as a child

when no one listened,

when you injected the drugs because that’s what you seen your blood relatives do as a teenager

when you drank the pain away after losing your virginity

when you try to see the light in all the dark the world hands you

you are worth everything

that gut-clenching anger and sadness that takes over

nausea that rises because it’s too hard for anyone else to lift a finger for one night

those nights you found respite in the mental hospital because the comfort the silence gave you

that co-worker that cornered you and hurt you in many ways because people are disgusting.

When you cried because you wanted to die to stop all the noise in your head but the fear of what comes after is too scary

and that you couldn’t bear the thought of someone else raising your children, blood or not

don’t let anyone hurt you anymore, you are strong, you have a priceless soul that gives and gives.

the pain hurts so damn bad,

you have to go on.

show the world that you are worth it, and you are allowed to have bad days.

you are human

you are a mother and everything that comes with it.

you give them hell and tell them they wouldn’t survive a day in your shoes.

motherhood is just as hellacious and mentally tormenting as a deployment.

I hope you’re mad, and I hope you realize moms that give their everything are just as strong.

brute strength doesn’t mean anything when you raise kids.

how far will that take you? If you’re a veteran reading this understands I grew up in a veteran family and I have a veteran spouse.

The toll of motherhood is mental.

it is so god damn hard.

do not forget strength is in many forms.

You are worth everything.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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