When motherhood becomes overwhelming

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Motherhood is a tough gig, you have to expect the unexpected.

No matter how many parenting books get published there will never be one that has the answer for it all.

At the end of the day, they look up to YOU.

How does one cope?

Especially if your like me and go from new mom of one to mom of three.

It’s kind of like if motherhood was a semi and you are standing in the middle of the interstate.


It hits you and you can’t even process what happened or what to do

You just roll with it, am I right?

So what do you do to avoid admitting yourself to a hospital for overload and worry about your partner surviving with the kids?

I have been there, I did that.

It sucks and puts a permanent scar on your record just for the sake of getting away.

So, how do you proceed and handle motherhood when it becomes unbearable?

Take a moment for you

Yes, I said it, take that moment.

Even if it’s on the toilet breathing the moment of silence you get.

Take that extra couple minutes in the shower to let the water cascade over you.

Let the sounds of the water running be all you hear.

Have that moment in the car before you go inside to take that breath.

I understand there are priceless moments at stake in motherhood, but it’s worse if you miss many instead of a few for the sake of sanity.

You’re not invincible, you’re not superwoman as much as you want to be, you still have human needs.

Reach out

Oh god, the forbidden word for many, help.

What will they think of me asking for help?

Nothing, and if they do they should probably not be around you.

The people anyone would typically reach out to for help are the ones who had to deal with it themselves and know that head underwater feeling.

It’s easy to drown in motherhood and it swallows you whole.

As bad as it sounds it’s the truth.

Nothing about this is insulting children or their existence.

If you despise this thus far, you are far too judgemental and leave.

To any working mom , in one form or another struggle sometimes.

That is okay and normal.

What’s not okay is letting everything overtake you and bury you alive.

Take things one at a time

Dare I mention overwhelm and overloading?

As moms, we feel our number one job is to get everything possible done.

It makes us feel independent, whole and at peace that we can accomplish so much.

However, overloading yourself is unhealthy and causes far more stress than it’s worth

It is a must to take things in smaller portions, bite-size if you will.

Remember you’re not alone

That other mom that looks perfect with the perfect little bow on her beautiful baby, and she’s rocking those pumps you’ve been dying to wear has had her bad days too.

Every mom out there has had rough days.

Barely made it out of bed on time, so she had to half-ass her routine and is barely keeping it together.

Perception is a big part of what makes our minds assume people’s situations.

However, most of the time we just happen to catch someone on a good day or that mom on her good day stands out.

WE have all been there, the struggle is very real.

Embrace the scars

There are many who suffer prenatal, postnatal and childhood scars that remain in our minds.

They have to be embraced, it’s hard to stuff them away.

The best you can do is embrace how it made you a better person and learn to cope better each day.

The physical scars that are carried weigh on the mind when they are seen.

As much as having an emergency cesarean bothered me at first, eventually, the pain faded and I forgot it’s there.

Unless it’s a doctor or my husband, no one can tell I’ve had a c-section.

Emotional or physical scars remain regardless of what we think of them.

You might as well embrace them and learn from them.

Motherhood is definitely a tough feat, but we wouldn’t carry the many titles we do of strength if it was easy.

In the end, you have to look at things as learning experiences and embrace what you can.

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