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The 5 Best Tips for Stay At Home Moms

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Keeping your sanity as a Stay At Home Mom

Being a Stay at home mom is tougher than anyone thinks

Our days are spent cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, meal planning and many other tasks people don’t realize

With COVID-19 on the rise and/or decline lately, my life is busy all the time, there isn’t a moment to sit down and breathe

My husband always seems to ask why i dont just sit down, when he gets home from work

Well dear, there’s dinner, laundry, a toddler running around with endless energy and cleanup before bed

And, let’s not forget two dogs, and a kitten

So, how do you keep your sanity while kids have cabin fever, and the house seems dirtier than ever no matter how much you cleaned that day

I’ve created my own little routine, and “me” time, I have to…

What do people typically think SAHMs days are like

Up until recently, even working moms underestimated the energy and time that is spent on the homefront

While i’ve been on both sides, even while working overnights, it’s tough no doubt

Being a stay at home mom takes alot of energy and time

Most people beleive it’s an easy ride, that moms are just chilling around the house all day…..WRONG

Why is a Stay At Home Mom’s life so difficult?

While many believe a SAHM has it easy, it’s far from the truth

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Their days are dedicated to their children and holding a household together, and sometimes animals too

Ever since officially leaving corporate america for good, life has gotten easier in some ways, and harder in other ways

My days typically start around 7-8 in the morning when my toddler is rambunctious and wants to do everything possible in a five minute span

These mornings are typically after a night of being sleepless after fighting a toddler to go to sleep

We tend to get funny looks when we try to go to bed before our partner that still has a corporate job

The days are filled with chasing our kids around trying to keep up with the mess and trying to go to the bathroom alone without a flock of animals and kids

There are times I want to hide in the corner from overwhelm, especially without adult interaction just about all the time

5 Best Tips to keep your sanity as a SAHM

Try to have a morning routine

Not every morning is the same but, most younger children that tend to rise early do like having a routine

Buy yourself a few minutes by getting your little one breakfast (depending on the age)

While they are eating it usually gives me enough time to brush my teeth and get some simple tasks done

Use nap time to get some stuff done (if they still nap)

The best time to get some cleaning up done is while they are napping

Even while they’re having down time, and playing quietly

The down time is when I do most of my blogging, honestly

Take a few minutes to decompress

It can be difficult to keep your sanity as a mom sometimes, home is work, and work is home

That trip to the bathroom, take a moment to breathe

It may be hectic from time to time but, it’s important to decompress

Don’t overcommit

Again, many assume that SAHM’s have all this time on their hands without any regard to their family dynamics

Don’t overload yourself, just because you feel like you’re not doing enough

I feel like that sometimes, overfilling your schedule just causes stress and, eventually, burnout

A mom’s schedule is fuller than most people think, especially if the other parent is working, all the other tasks that would normally be shared tend to become the stay at home parents responsibility

Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t motivated from time to time

Just because you are primarily the one responsible for running the house, doesn’t mean you have to be 100% all the time

Some days doing the minimum is enough, being a mom isn’t for the weak

There are days the kids need more attention than that sink of dishes

you’re a human being, you deserve to have a break too

Here is the meat of your post. You’ll break down the problem into a list of easy to accomplish steps to help your reader.

Final thoughts on keeping your sanity as a SAHM

Being a stay at home mom is a tough job, you do more than just babysit

you’re a cook, you’re a cleaner, you wash laundry, you are a teacher, and many more things

The biggest struggle i’ve noticed with Stay at home parents is the neverending guilt carried, because they feel they didn’t do enough

Some feel this way because, they don’t bring income, or they are stuck going to a ton of appointments for medical reasons and can’t get everything done

No parent should feel this way, we all do the best we can as parents

If you have any tips you would like added to this post, feel free to use the link below and i’ll email you when it’s updated with your tip(s)

Or, feel free to share if you found this helpful 🙂

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