educational and fun activities for keeping little ones busy

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Combat quarantine boredom

With the outbreak of COVID-19 or better known as Coronavirus almost everyone is confined to their homes.

Most parents are not used to this and neither are the children.

If you’re like me and work in the foodservice industry, especially being a server this is hitting you pretty hard right now.

So, how do you keep them learning and entertained with all this time you’re not used to?

Create a structured day

A great place to start is using a planner type paper for the day, like a lesson plan.

Download this handy hour-by-hour schedule to create a structured day.

Creating a structured day will assist in keeping the your children on a routine.

Beggining with wake-up time create a schedule that is easily followed, as well as including breaks.

Remember to keep it simple and fun to keep the kiddos engaged.

Online sites and apps for keeping them learning and entertained


Paid(usually starts with

free trial)

Other great activities

Coloring sheets and worksheets are a great way to keep them busy.

Also, Dollar tree carries many different workbooks for different grade levels as well.

Head over to for worsheets and coloring pages!!

Break out the art supplies

Even if you don’t think you carry an artistic skill, sit down with the kids and have them create anything with some colored pencils or crayons.

Artistic creativity help their fine motor skills as well by focusing on specific movements of their hands.

Art is also a great way to pass time.

There are many ways to keep busy and keep education going in the home, these are just a few main ways to explore some time passers while the world is on a lock down of sorts.

The last thing we need to do is allow this to take over our lives, it doesn’t have to take over.

There are ways to get through this with out putting ourselves, our children or anyone else at risk.

What are some ways you have been keeping your family organized?

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