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About Me

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Hi, I'm Cassie

and I focus on helping moms with their mental health, getting organized and, making their homes suit their styles without breaking the bank.


I am really good at organizing, making lists, organizing anything, cleaning my house in four hours, taking super photos (in my free time), loving my babies (both bonus and bio and the furbabies. Two dogs and one cat.).


My obsessions include whiteboards; I have three on my fridge, making lists, organizing anything in sight, everything having a place and an empty laundry basket, all ten seconds of the glory


You probably didn’t know…

  • I was born in Tampa, Florida and now live in Streetsboro, Ohio!
  • I love sleeping in as late as possible
  • Was taught to defy gender stereotypes, my mother is a butcher, my father a truck driver.
  • I graduated from college in 2014 with an Associates in Heavy Duty Diesel
  • I love pickles (and all things salty) – sugar kills my teeth so it has to be minimal.
  • I lack self confidence but you would never guess it with how I carry myself
  • When I get stressed I clean the house, or pretty much anything in my sight and do obsessive math for bills or groceries
  • My life revolves around cars and diesel trucks, ever since childhood vehicles of all kinds fascinate me.
  • I’m a gamer at heart, nintendo all the way!
  • I really like hiking in gamelands in the Pennsylvania mountains
  • My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them

  • I grew up in a German/Irish household and a hispanic neighborhood. Fun fact i was the minority, only 15% white in the school i was at. But I love my friends regardless of nationality, and I’m trying to become fluent in Spanish rather than bits and peices
  • my secret obsession is reading and science, I read the entire twilight series within a month

What I do

Welcome to the family, I hope we make great friends! 🙂

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