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6 Lessons learned from being a young mom

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As a mom of 3 at 24, my brain already feels like a scrambled egg. I mean what mom doesn’t feel this way? If you don’t, count your self as lucky!

Well, here are some of the things I’ve learned in the past few years as an official mom instead of just the oldest sibling.

1.You can never have too many socks (you or the kids, they disappear at an astonishing rate)

I have to say, having kids has taught me the value of the sock. Also, they have an uncanny ability of disappearing until a later time. Always stock up on socks, no matter what age.

2. Never go by serving sizes on cooking labels or recipes when you have kids older than 5 or 6, they eat quite a bit. 

Between three kids, and two adults; I have to cook approximately 8 suggested servings worth of food for dinner and breakfast. Although, their appetites are ever changing, so there are some nights they do not eat a whole lot.

3. Having a TON of scrap paper at the ready, as well as the drawing/coloring utensils.


Trust me on this one, even if they don’t seem like they want to draw…. when one starts, typically the others will follow.

4.  The Local library is your new best friend. 

Beforehand, I never seen my self going to the library. Now a days I am in the library with or for the kids at LEAST once a week. It saves me time and money, not having to buy DVDs  or books  that will be watched or read only one or two times total.

5. Netflix is probably better than cable. 

Some may put this up for debate, but I find that my kiddos enjoy watching netflix more than cable TV.

6. You are now a negotiator

Negotiating can become the name of the game when you are trying to get the kiddos to cooperate. (pretty much goes for step children) My toddler even has to be at times. 

Have something you’d like to add or have found helpful in your experience?

Drop a line in the comments on what you think!

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