5 things moms struggle with and how I help

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My blog exists to help moms with the top struggles no one talks about, self care, organizing and PTSD.

Moms dedicate their lives to their families, with little regard for themselves until later.

We tend to neglect our needs, regardless of what they are, and over time it causes us to bog down and collapse.

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  1. Empower moms to take a closer look at their needs

All to often moms put their needs on the back burner even if it sacrifices their mental health.

It’s all to easy to take someone elses needs, mom’s wear the load well.

However, it takes a toll over time on all aspects of their health.

As a mom especially, it just seems easier to look out for others, it almost feels wrong to prioritize our needs if they aren’t life or death at first glance.

I’ve been to the mental hospital as a suedo vacation just to get away from it all.

With three kids, and three animals, in a position of a mom who’s typically closer to 40, where as I am 26.

With a life of turmoil, and raising kids half my age and a miracle child of my own, I know the mom guilt of caring for someone else day in and day out.

  1. Realize that self-care isn’t optional

Motherhood is hard, it makes prioritizing your self even harder.

I can bet the number one reason self-care is guilt that you fear neglecting your children in some way, even though you know you’re not

Self-care is a must, it promotes overal health and mental stability.

Even if its just a daily shower, take those five minutes and make sure you get that in, by your self

Kids are forgiving and resilient and wont hold your shower against you, as silly as it sounds I’ve felt this way before

That guilt has to go, your kids need you at 100%, they don’t want to see you stressed, upset, or bogged down.

  1. Organizing your life

Motherhood can be a chaotic and confusing at times, there’s always so much to do.

It seems like we are looked upon for making all the decisions and keeping it all together

Say what?

No one ever told us that our lives would be made up of missed appointments, showers, and complete utter dedication to our families, let’s not forget, there’s no sick days

The good thing is there are many ways to assist us with organizing our lives, rather than what our ancestors went through.

How did they keep it all together anyway?

From apps to whiteboards my life is relatively organized, I have yet to find a mom who always has it together, all you can do is try though.

  1. Coping with PTSD and it’s nasty side effects

While this disorder comes in many forms, PTSD can stem from childhood to childbirth.

There is no perfect way to deal with or live with PTSD and the many ways it forms.

I’m here to help you not let it rule your life.

Personally I have dealt with PTSD since six years old, from sexual assault for 7 years, to a drug and alcohol issue of wanting to be out of it and not mentally present for most of my teen years, to rape at 17..with a final blow of attempted kidnapping and sexual assault at 26.

My experience with PTSD is far more than most can fathom, which makes me a credible person to be talking about dealing with it.

  1. Write posts to help you on your journey

From ptsd, to organizing, to self care you are the focus here.

maternity, mom, moms and self care

With my experiences, my goal is to make your journey easier and understand your worth.

It took a long time to realize that I was worth more than how my “family” growing up made me feel as a person.

Anything they didn’t want to believe would be shrugged off and I be deemed a liar.

A horrible way to live really, my parents had me very young at fifteen and seventeen, which made things that much harder in general


In general, my goal here is to make your journey easier, whether it’s needing a mom that understands your struggles and hears you out.

There are many hats moms tend to wear, and it tends to get tiresome juggling all of them from time to time, it can be especially hard when you have PTSD

From sleepless nights to skipped showers, exhaustion sweeps in much faster than the average Jane, and men seem to not quite understand how we tire so easily.

Stress is very present in our lives, and it can be difficult to deal with it, let alone think about it.

As a mom I like to think we are like a computer with too many windows open and loading more than anything with the load we carry.

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