5 Best tips for working moms

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Working moms are often underrated for all they do.

life is constant, there is always something to do.

How do you manage the chaos of work and home life?

Keeping life organized will find ways to get what’s needed to be done.

Have a planner

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Use a comprehensive planner that goes hour by hour to create a structured day..

Keep track of appointments, to-dos, and other things.

Overall I find that being able to see your day as a whole and being able to plan it instead of “yeah, I think I can make that work”.

This also prevents committing to way too many things and overloading yourself.

The hardest part is being diligent and going by your planner for it to actually make a difference.

Keep a bill organizer

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From whiteboards to cork boards, I’ve tried almost every method for keeping track of bills.

My favorite so far is having a physical bill notebook like the one on the right.

These notebooks make it easy to track when they are due, how much and you can check off when they are paid.

There’s also a convenient slot for sliding the statements into for each month.

Meal prep and create a weekly menu

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Meal planning is a common issue I see everyone look for a solution to.

In short, meal planning is the process of creating a list of meals for a certain period of time, creating a shopping list, getting the items and, some of the time prepping some of the items for later.

Here is some more information on meal planning.

Meal planning guide <<—- Head over to this post to read more on meal planning.

Meal planning saves time and stress by taking the guesswork out of figuring out meals for the family.

Delegate tasks/ responsibility

This may be tough depending on your situation.

It’s best to not put all the weight on yourself.

Sometimes, if its just you and your kids; its best to spread out tasks over time rather than all at once.

Typically, I have the kids share chores around the house to take the weight off of me.

Your spouse is also a good source of help for around the house and getting things done.

Also, a lot of times my mother in law will offer me help with the kids or other things as well.

Leaving time for you

Yes, last but not least, you.

Working moms tend to forget about recharging themselves.

I put it last because most will look for what works for the household in general first.

You absolutely have to leave time for you, even if it is just a shower.

That time with your thoughts is essential especially if your schedule is jam-packed.

My other go-to is my nightly glass of Moscato.

Having a glass of wine is a huge stress reliever for me.

With all of that said, I hope you found this information helpful.

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