So what is C-PTSD and is it different from just PTSD?

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Recently, I researched C-PTSD and found some interesting results.

I thought before that all PTSD is just that.

To my discovery there are two forms of PTSD.

depression, anxiety, stress

Complex PTSD and PTSD

Most people think PTSD only applies to someone who was involved in combat and struggles with the after effects


What is PTSD?

You’ve probably heard the term once or twice, but do you know what exactly it does?

Probably not.

PTSD is translated to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD occurs when a person has been involved in a traumatic event

  • car accident
  • combat
  • witnessing a brutal death
  • sexual abuse
  • rape
  • violence
  • verbal abuse
  • narcissism in those you trust
  • major weather events that destroyed your home
  • childhood neglect
  • homelessness
  • drug issues
  • alcohol related issues

There is more than likely more than what’s on this list, in short, PTSD comes from a past experience that was traumatic to the person who experienced it.

How does PTSD differ from C-PTSD?

C-PTSD translates to complex post traumatic stress disorder

This occurs when you have experienced more than one type of traumatic event that affects you mentally

In my case I have PTSD from rape, sexual abuse, drinking and drug issues I had in high school, a severe car accident I was involved in 2018 where the trailer I was towing at the time prevented my vehicle from being totaled.

The person who rear ended me, did so hard enough to climb the trailer, knock the gate backwards, twist the frame and rip the front end of the car that rear ended me and tried backing off the trailer.

Now while driving in traffic I watch the rear of the vehicle as much as the front and sides, in fear of being rear ended again.
Not to mention the flashbacks of it and the pain I still suffer.

While both are awful to have, they are different from each other

There is no one size fits all when it comes to trauma, every situation is unique.

credit: Medium

Up until recently, I honestly had no clue there were different forms of PTSD, however, this is important to share with others

Help the world better understand those struggling with PTSD, it’s not just our veterans


3 thoughts on “So what is C-PTSD and is it different from just PTSD?”

  1. hi I’m tracy. I can tell you I lived in hell . I really had no idea of the impact on my life. I feared for my life every single day and night. how could I have taken this horrendous abuse and still want to stay on hope…I was in this non reality of life. muy God I’m alive!
    c-ptsd . I had to hear him upon coming home from work etc…I had to hear him because then I’d hear every sound he made that I knew what my 2 kids and I were in for. if it was bad I’d tell them please don’t act up dad is in a bad mood…tired or anything. that’s I can detect almost anything by hearing and seeing from that person for the most part. anyhow I could go on but thank you for having the opportunity to talk..be safe

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